About – A Touch of Vintage



 I have had a major love affair with vintage clothing most of my life. Growing up my parents loved popping into thrift stores or antique shops to find unique pieces for the house, or their closets. 

A few years back I started my first clothing line called Hanna Hayes. It began with reconstructed vintage, then slowly from there I went into production designing my own clothing line inspired by vintage silhouettes. After some time I couldn't keep up with the costs of funding your own clothing line, and my line slowly faded away. But I'm back baby! 

Sharing vintage, styling, shopping tips, and talking sustainability have been a constant in my life since. I have always had a nagging in the back of my brain, and deep down in my gut that I would be going back to sharing vintage, and my style with others. So here we are, rising from the ashes, A Touch of Vintage, for your closet, home, friend, lover, baby, whomever! 


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